Cookie Policy

Concepts & definitions

In all the procedures, internal rules or policies from this chapter the concepts defined as below will have the meaning and definition included in the below table.


Our Company respects your preoccupations regarding confidentiality and values the relationship we have. As any other Company, we run within our website the necessary collecting technology in order to enhance the user`s experience as well as our services and goods. The adequate cookie modules we are using on our website allows it to work properly and furthermore, it allows us to better understand what kind of information and adverts are useful for users.

We kindly ask to attentively read the present policy in order to get familiarized with our practices regarding the use of cookie modules and if there are any questions you can contact us on the above mention email address or by completing the Contact Form from our website.

We did our best to make this Cookie Policy as simple as possible, however if you`re not familiar with terms as “cookie modules”, “IP address”, “browsers”, we strongly recommend to read about these key terms first from:

Who collects this information?

By using our website, you agree with the use of cookie modules in compliance with the present policy and the Privacy Policy. In the situation where you don`t agree with the use of cookie modules in this purpose, you have to modify the browser setups accordingly and disable all cookie modules that we currently use or to not access our website entirely. If you disable the modules we use, this action may affect you experience on our website as user.

The following section summarizes the different types of cookies we use on our websites alongside with their purposes and it offers the possibility to manage them on your terms.

In order to proper understand our use of your personal data collected through cookie modules, we advise you to consult the present policy and our cookie pop-up so that you could express your consent and manage the cookies.

What are cookie modules?

Cookie modules, tagged pixel and similar technologies (generic named “cookie modules”) are files that contain small amount of information which are downloaded on any device with internet access, as for example: a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. whenever you visit a website. The cookie modules are then sent to the original website at each subsequent visit or to another website which recognizes that cookie. Cookie modules carry out a large number of different and useful tasks, as for example it saves your preferences which generally improves your online experience in order to help us to provide the best services and goods.

There are many types of cookies. They all work on the same basis, with minor differences.

What are cookie modules used for?

We use cookie modules in order to simplify the usage of our website and to better adapt the services and goods we offer through our website in accordance with your interests and needs. Cookie modules are used in order to enhance future activity and experience on our website.

Cookie modules agreed by you are used to collect your personal data. These data are subsequently organized in public profiles in order for us to provide you a targeted ad relevant to your interests and also to limit your number of views.

Furthermore, we include cookie modules within emails and newsletters in order to improve content and advertising.

Finally, we use cookie modules to compile anonymous and combined statistics which allow us to understand how consumers use our website and also they help us to improve our ad layout and content.

How can cookie modules be controlled or deleted?

There are some ways of managing cookie modules:

  • You can refuse them
  • You can disable them or only the ones that come from third parties, using your browser settings

Most browsers are by default set to automatically accept cookie modules. If you do not want our website to retain cookie modules on your device, you can change your browser settings therefore you will receive a notice prior the cookie modules to be retained. Also, you can change your settings in order for your browser to refuse most of our cookie modules or specific ones from third parties. In addition, you can withdraw you consent for cookies modules by deleting the already existing one.

If you disable the cookie modules we use, this action may affect you experience on our website. Hence, it is possible you wouldn`t be able to visit specific sections within the website or to receive personalized information when you access a website.

If you use different devices to visit or access our website (for example: computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) you will have to make sure that each and every browser is modified in accordance with your preferences on cookie modules.

The changing procedures of browser settings and cookie modules are different from a browser to another. If necessary, you can use the “help” feature from your browser.

Furthermore, there is available software which can help you manage cookie modules.

For further information on cookie modules, including how you can verify which of them were changed and how they can be managed, you should access

What kind of cookie modules we use?

Cookie modules used on the Company`s website can be classified as following:

  • Necessary cookies. These cookies are essential in order to make the website to work properly, they allow you to navigate the website and use its facilities. Without them, some of our features could not be provided. Examples of such modules include cookies which help us to save your previous actions (like the search text you introduced) when you browse back to a webpage from the same session. If you don`t accept these cookie modules, this action can affect the overall performance of the website or the performance of its sections.
  • Performance cookies. These cookies collect information about the ways you use our websites, for example which pages are accessed more frequently, the time spent on our website and any problem that may occur such as error messages. It helps us to improve the performance of our website. These cookies collect personal data, but they don`t identify you as a person. All data collected by them are combined, therefore anonymous. They are used only to enhance the ways our website works.
  • Functionality cookies. These cookies allow our website to remember your choices (such as username, language or your region) in order to provide a personalized experience. These cookies can also be used in order to save your changes on text size, font used and other sections you can personalize. Information that these cookies collect can also include personal data which you have revealed. If you do not accept them, this action can affect the performance and functionality of our website and it can also cut off content within the website.
  • Targeting cookies (advertising cookies). These cookies are used in order to provide relevant content for you and your interests. These are also used in order to offer targeting ads or limit the number of views of a commercial; furthermore, they are used to measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns on our website. The modules memorize the fact that you`ve visited the website and this information is shared with third parties. These cookies can be connected to the functionality of the website provided by third parties. Most cookies of this kind are aiming for the device`s ID or an IP address, therefore they can collect personal data.
  • Third party cookies. We collaborate with a number of partners which can setup cookies on your device on our behalf. Therefore, when you visit our websites, we allow them to provide personalized ads from their areas such examples are Facebook, Google AdWords. We try to identify these modules before using them in order for you to decide whether to accept them or not. In these cases, you have to withdraw your consent directly from the respective third party’s website. According to cookie modules used by the third party, they can collect information which contain personal data.

The lifetime of cookie modules we use

When it comes to cookie modules timing, we use on our website two different types of modules:

  • Session cookies. These cookies are temporary, they stay on your device until you leave our website;
  • or

  • Long lasting / Constant cookies. These cookies stay on your device for a longer period of time or until you delete them manually (the period of time within cookies are staying on your device depends on the cookie`s lifetime as well as your browser settings).