One week sailing in the North of Sardinia

Summary: Sardinia is an astonishing island in the Mediterranean Sea, with more than 2000 km of coastline, golden sand beaches, breath-taking natural landscapes and amazing people. We recommend visiting Sardinia during Spring time when all nature comes to life, the flowers are blooming, sea waters have incredible colours and temperatures are just right to offer an incredible sailing experience.

One week sailing in the North of Sardinia

Arriving in Olbia

If you want to rent a boat in North Sardinia, the easiest way to reach it is by plane, and the closest airport to the departure point is Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, located in Olbia. There are regular and charter flights from all over Europe’s capital cities, which makes it easy to reach and enjoy a perfect vacation with your friends and family.

Cityscape of Olbia, Sardinia

Cityscape of Olbia, Sardinia

Weather in Sardinia

The Northern part of Sardinia is characterized by a hot-summer Mediterranean climate along the coast and the best time for sailing is between May and October, with an average of 26 °C. The hottest month is August with an average of 29.7 °C and the coldest month is January with an average of 13.6 °C.

In Sardinia the tides have a small range of 10 to 30 cm, so they will not create major difficulties to skippers when anchoring. However, the winds depending on the direction can change water levels considerably and also sailing conditions, so keep an eye on the wind and reef the sails if necessary. In the summer months there are several winds that occur: Tramontana, Mistral, Levant, Scirocco, Libeccio and Ponente.

Challenging winds are the Mistral, which blows from the North-West, and the Libeccio from the South-West. For each sailing trip you should consider checking the weather forecast every time you leave the harbour or anchorage, because the wind may vary in directions and strengths and weather can rapidly change its mood.

Sailing in Sardinia, Italy

Sailing in Sardinia, Italy

Planning the itinerary

The starting point for this sailing week in the North of Sardinia is Porto Turistico Marina di Olbia located very close to the airport.

For this itinerary, you will sail around 85 nautical miles, and you should consider spending more than one week on this itinerary, to have enough time to explore the islands in the North of Sardinia.

You must prepare in advance, consult the weather forecasts and choose your own pace and itinerary. Depending on your yacht type, pace, skills, and other factors, the information below might vary.

  • Leg 1 - Olbia to La Maddalena - 28 nautical miles - 5 hours
  • Leg 2 - La Maddalena to Santa Teresa di Gallura - 11 nautical miles - 2 hours
  • Leg 3 - Santa Teresa di Gallura to Cannigione - 17 nautical miles - 3 hours
  • Leg 4 - Cannigione to Olbia - 26 nautical miles - 5 hours

1. Olbia to La Maddalena - Leg 1

Sailing to La Maddalena

After planning the itinerary and consulting the weather forecast, raise the anchor and head north to La Maddalena. You should sail for around 28 nautical miles to reach the destination and it should take around 5 hours, so you should plan to leave the Porto Turistico Marina di Olbia early in the morning, to enjoy the sunrise and the amazing coastline on your port side.

Sightseeing in La Maddalena

The archipelago consists of 7 islands: La Maddalena Island, Caprera Island, Budelli Island, Santa Maria, Spargi Island, Santo Stefano Island and Razzoli Island.

If you choose to visit La Maddalena Island, we definitely recommend to visit the town of La Maddalena, a lovely and colourful city, where you can find lots of restaurants, coffee and ice cream shops. Enjoy the magic this town can offer by walking around the narrow streets, especially in high season when is getting quite lively.

If you prefer to discover the island by sea, you should definitely visit the beaches this island is renowned for:

Accommodation when sailing to La Maddalena

Good accommodation can be found in La Maddalena: Hotel Excelsior**** with starting price from 170 € / night or Hotel Villa del Paco*** from 145 € / night.

La Maddalena, Italy

La Maddalena, Italy

2. La Maddalena to Santa Teresa di Gallura - Leg 2

Sailing to Santa Teresa di Gallura

This leg is only 11 nautical miles long and you should reach the destination in around two hours. After passing Isola Spargi on your starboard side, sail to W-NW and after about 4 NM you will see on your port side Punta Marmorata, a tourist attraction around Santa Teresa di Gallura.

The Porto Turistico Santa Teresa di Gallura lays in a natural port, well sheltered, located at 41°14'04.8"N 9°11'38.6"E.

Sightseeing in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura is a small seaside village on the north coast of Sardinia, where sailors stop by to explore the natural attractions nearby and revel in the local nature of the town.

The 11 meters high Torre di Longonsardo is a sixteenth-century watchtower located on the northern part of the Santa Teresa di Gallura and it can easily be reached from the centre of the city. You will notice it on your starboard side, once you will get close to the island. From the top of the tower you will be amazed by the turquoise, crystal clear water of Rena Bianca beach, and in sunny days, by the limestone cliffs of southern Corsica and the islands of La Maddalena, your next stop.

Accommodation when sailing to Santa Teresa di Gallura

Good accommodation can be found in Santa Teresa di Gallura, like Hotel Corallaro**** with starting price from 255 € / night or Hotel Canne al Vento*** from 108 € / night.

Capo Testa Beach, Sardinia

Capo Testa Beach, Sardinia

3. Santa Teresa di Gallura to Cannigione - Leg 3

Sailing to Cannigione

Cannigione is located 18 NM away from Santa Teresa di Gallura, and you should reach the destination in about 3.5 hours. Along the way there are plenty of amazing spots for a stop at anchor to enjoy lunch or a cold drink, before reaching the Albatros Marina in Cannigione. If you need to reprovision your boat, there are several supermarkets around the marina.

Sightseeing in Cannigione

The small town is located in the province of Olbia-Tempio, and home to the best beaches of the Costa Smeralda and some of the most beautiful crystal-clear waters. If you enjoy snorkelling or diving, then this is the right spot for you, because the area is dotted with the best diving centres in Sardinia.

Being known for its beaches, these are our favourite ones which worth spending time on:

If you visit Cannigione during off season months, we also recommend a hike to Monti Corru peak, which will offer you a lifetime memory of the view over the gulf.

Accommodation when sailing to Cannigione

Good accommodation can be found in Cannigione, like Hotel Micalosu*** with starting price from 145 € / night or Centro Vacanze Isuledda**** from 90 € / night.

Tanca Manna Beach, Cannigione

Tanca Manna Beach, Cannigione

4. Cannigione to Olbia - Leg 4

Sailing to Olbia

Olbia is inhabited since prehistoric times as the many ruins show and nowadays is one of the most important harbours in Italy. The city started to become an important landmark since the foundation of Costa Smeralda in 1962.

If you want to explore the city, then take a stroll through the famous Corso Umberto, where you can find lots of shops, restaurants and historic buildings. Outside the city centre you can admire the remains of the ancient Punic defensive walls.

Close to the port, you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Olbia, illustrating the entire history of the city and the surroundings. Inside the museum you can admire the relics from the Phoenician, Greek, Punic and Roman times. The museum also exhibits shipwrecks from Roman times, discovered while excavating the old port.

San Simplicio Necropolis is another landmark you should not miss. The museum is displaying the 450 Roman tombs dating from 200 BC to 300 AD. The archaeological site provides the testimony of the ancient city, and the worship phases and necropolis that spans the first 2000 years of Olbia.

Accommodation when sailing to Olbia

Good accommodation can be found at: DoubleTree by Hilton**** with starting price from 124 € / night or Hotel Terranova*** with starting price from 113 € / night.

Olbia, Sardinia

Olbia, Sardinia

Capetanos sailing and general recommendations

For an amazing sailing week in the North of Sardinia, we recommend to plan in advance, consult the charts, weather conditions and choose the most suitable time and boat, according to your sailing skills.

We hope that information in this guide will contribute to your decision for your next sailing holiday in Sardinia.

Sailing bugdet calculator / rent boat calculator Sardinia

These calculations are performed for one-week charter on a 43-foot catamaran in mid-august and crew of 12. The total may differ depending on many factors like, boat amenities and construction year, mooring fees, dinner out, etc.

1-week total 9.845 €
4 cabins catamaran  4.760 €
Skipper (optional) 1.200 €
Food 850 €
Water 95 €
Diesel 150 €
Moorings 850 €
Food out 1.940 €