Canoeing and Kayaking in Greece

Summary: In every regard, Greece is one of the sunniest countries on the planet. The holiday in Greece revolves around laughter, music, dance, food, and, last but not least, water sports. The aromas of local olives, the hot sand, practicing Canoe or Kayak, these are a joyful ecstasy, that people enjoy only in Greece. Let’s find out together where people can practice the most adventurous water sports in the land of Greece.

Canoeing and Kayaking in Greece

Canoe - a fantastic sport

Canoeing is a popular water sport that is enjoyed by people all around the globe. It is a sport in which a person climbs into a small boat called a canoe and uses a paddle in order to control the canoe. Canoeing began as a recreation activity, involving paddling on streams or lakes. For many aficionados, canoeing was paired with fishing, hunting, and camping outings.

Canoeing on the water requires some serious abilities. In this sense, there are special schools that can teach you to become a good sportsman. Canoeing is also known as kayaking in certain parts of the world. The boat utilized is referred to as a kayak. The primary goal of canoeing is to traverse a stream of water (usually a section of a river) using a canoe and a paddle.

Advantages and disadvantages of practicing Canoe

Canoeing is a physical activity that improves and aids in the maintenance of physical fitness and general health and wellness. This sport is both an aerobic and a physical activity that aids in the improvement of body's cardiovascular system. The body employs a greater portion of the energy-generating process.

Canoeing in summer

Canoeing in summer

Canoeing is a structured, competitive, skilled, and entertaining physical exercise that requires dedication, fair play, and strategy. In this type of activity the winner is determined by the means used to achieve the goal. Taking a canoe to a faraway location might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and adventure.

Let’s discover together the mystery of Kayaking

Kayaking is a pleasant hobby in which you paddle a tiny boat through water with a double-bladed paddle. Kayaks have been around for millennia. Inuits in the Arctic areas were the first to use it to navigate waterways. It was a practical method of hunting, fishing, and ferrying persons over the water.

Its simple accessibility and basic functionalities have made it the world's most popular recreational pastime today. Do you wonder when is the best time of year to go kayaking? Kayaking is simple, convenient, and available all year-round.

Spring, summer, and autumn are ideal seasons for a relaxing ride. Temperatures that are warm are often preferred. This is ideal for recreational and sport kayaking, since it allows people to explore a place or experience the thrill of the sport on demanding or intricate courses.

Does Kayaking have benefits? Yes!

This water sport, aside from being a pleasurable and engaging time, has numerous health and mental benefits. Each kayaking session can burn over 1,600 calories. If one of your goals is to lose weight, you can set aside some of your weekday afternoons for kayaking and keep doing so until you reach your optimum weight.

The abdomen, obliques, and lower back are all worked out. Sitting straight is the most effective way to keep a kayak balanced when sitting on or in it. This maintains the core muscles engaged for the duration of the action. Also, it is a cardiovascular activity as well as an aerobic sport. This activity strengthens heart muscle and increases its ability to pump blood efficiently.

Reducing stress is another benefit of this kind of sport. Spending time outside and breathing fresh air can help to relieve stress. As a result, reducing stress is one of the goals of being physically and psychologically healthy. Kayaking provides you with the same stress-relieving benefits as any other physical activity.

Kayaking Skopelos Greece

Kayaking Greece is headquartered on Skopelos, a beautiful and serene Greek island. It is famous as the location of the film Mamma Mia. Kayaking Skopelos Greece provides a variety of sea kayaking excursions to suit people of all ages and abilities. This school gives you short twilight outings to week-long tours of the nearby islands and training courses

They have a variety of alternatives for you to discover the hidden secrets of the wonderful island of Skopelos at Kayaking Greece. On different trips exploring Skopelos with Kayaking Greece, you can expect to see desolated beaches, steep cliffs, sea caves, and uninhabited islands, with stops for a peaceful picnic and some snorkeling.

Skopelos Island in Greece

Skopelos Island in Greece

Their offers include day trips, sunset trips and kayak holidays. A Day Trip contains a buffet meal, kayak, paddles, buoyancy aid, spray deck, helmet, and dry bag are all included in the price. The guide is equipped with first aid and safety supplies. Kayak can be single or double.

Available trips Price per person
Day trip 70 €
Sunset Trip 40 €
Kayak Holiday Get a personalized package and prices on request. 

Discounts are offered for children under the age of ten. A Sunset Trip has a  light snack of fresh fruit and cakes, as well as the kayak, paddles, buoyancy aid, spray deck, helmet, and dry bag. Kayak can be also single or double and the price is excellent.

Finally, a Kayak Holiday contains a buffet meal, kayak, paddles, buoyancy aid, spray deck, helmet, and dry bag. Safety comes first, in this case, the guide is equipped with first aid and safety supplies. Kayaks are offered in single or double configurations. It is impossible to enumerate all of the alternatives because there are so many. Simply send them an email with the details of what you would want to include in your holiday, and they will take care of the rest!

You can easily book a trip using their contact link: or email their team at : [email protected].

Kayaks on the beach in Santorini Greece

Kayaks on the beach in Santorini, Greece

Santorini Sea Kayak

Their experts will teach you how to see kayak like a sport that will allow you to discover islands and rocky coastlines. You can take lessons and improve your skills for this watersport. Courses integrate seamanship and kayaking skills, based on 15 years of paddling expertise in Greece. The courses are a mix of on-the-water practice and theory sessions with slides.

Santorini's island complex provides ideal training and unique paddling conditions for both beginners and advanced paddlers. A course for beginner has :

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Basic strokes & kayak handling on the water 
  • Safety 
  • Equipment maintenance 

An intermediate course has:

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Basic strokes & kayak handling on the water 
  • Safety 
  • Equipment maintenance 

Go Kayak Greece

This school offers kayaking trips and coaching all year round because they are based on two islands, Agistri and Aegina. They provide a pleasurable kayaking experience for everyone, from tester sessions to sunset trips, full day tours, and week-long expeditions. The majority of their tours are suited for beginners and our kayaks can accommodate small children.

On their tours, the team offers highly qualified coaching services for people who want to improve their technical skills while also taking in the landscape and experience. Their position is ideal, approximately an hour from Athens and the major attractions. Agistri Island is a little green treasure surrounded by crystal blue waters and covered in pine trees.

Afaia Temple Aegina Island

Afaia Temple Aegina Island

The island of Aegina, with its lovely harbour, was briefly the capital of Greece. It consists of a pine forest and a red volcanic environment. The Afaia Temple and the stunning ancient olive grove are also located here. You can enjoy Kayaking by choosing:

    • Sunset Tours ( price 50 euros per person)
    • Overnight Trip (price 150 euros per person per night -minimum 2 persons)
    • Agistri Circumnavigation (price- 120 euros per person)
    • Half Day Tours

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