Kitesurfing equipment for rent in Saint Tropez

Summary: Kitesurfing is a new sport and it’s a combination of surfing, skateboarding and windsurfing. The adrenaline lovers are the fans of this extreme sport that became more and more known in the past few years.

Kitesurfing equipment for rent in Saint Tropez

Basic info about kitesurfing

According to people who already practice this sport, learning it is not that hard, especially because nowadays exist a lot of kitesurfing schools. In these schools, specialized teachers will help you gain the experience and skills in order to kitesurf like a pro. There are two types of kitesurfing, and both of them are known in competitions:

  • The freeride or freestyle is the most known one. This one is practiced by most of the kitesurfers and is known by making jumps in the air or different tricks by following the waves. 
  • The speed racing kitsurfing is not so practiced, because it can not be done by begginers. This type of kitesurfing is very competitive, and it implies the time for a distance of 500 meters.
Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez – the perfect place for kitesurfing

Saint Tropez is located in the South of France, which is the most known place in France, but also in the world, for kitesurfing. Here you can find a large variety of schools, rental places and tutors who are eager to share their knowledge and skills with you.

Kitesurfing has become a loved activity by people in tourist resorts. A good example is Saint Tropez, a tourist resort in France, where beach activities and wind sports have become the attraction of tourists. If you would like to try kitesurfing and you don’t have equipment or you don’t know how to kitesurf, don’t worry!

There are many kitesurfing schools with teachers full of patience and excitement to teach you. Also, kitesurfing equipment for rent in Saint Tropez can be easily found, and we will guide you regarding what rental place or school to choose.

Important things to know beforehand

Because this is an extreme sport, the safety and well being of the practicants is crucial, and there are a few things to take into consideration before kitesurfing. These things will be also presented to you at kitesurfing rentals, in order to make sure that this sport is safe for you and you are prepared.

First of all, the first and most important aspect it’s if you are allowed to kitesurf. There are some medical conditions or medications that are not recommended in combination with this sport. Another thing is that even children are allowed to kitesurf!

Young boy learning to kitesurf

Young boy learning to kitesurf

Maybe it is hard to believe that they are allowed to practice such an extreme sport, but they have incredible motor skills and can learn things more easily than adults. There is not an exact age when you can start kitesurfing, but the recommended one is about 9 years old. More important is the weight of the person practicing this sport, which should be around 45 kilos.

Also, another important aspect is that people who decide to kitesurf should know how to swim. Accidents can happen, you can fall into the water and it is essential to not put your life at risk. Before going to kitesurf, do not forget to bring water, sunscreen and sunglasses. Luckily, if you forget any of these, people from the kitesurfing rental equipment stores or schools are prepared to help you with all of these.

Kite surfing at sunset time

Kite surfing at sunset time

Choose the right kite and kiteboard size

Choosing the right size kite and kiteboard is another essential thing. The size of the kite will influence the speed, and there are mainly 3 sizes:

  • small
  • medium
  • large.

The small kite is used for higher winds and for a speed of 9-13 m/s. The medium one is for medium winds and a speed of 7-9 m/s, and the largest one is for light winds and a speed of 3-7 m/s. So, the rule is that the higher the wind, the smaller the kite.

Choosing the kite doesn’t depend only on the wind, but also on the skills of the rider, the weight and style of riding. The size of the kite is measured in square meters, and for an average weight person and a medium wind, a 12 m2 kite will be used.

When choosing the kiteboard, the only things that need to be taken into consideration are the wind and the rider’s weight. There are many kiteboard sizes, and the rental places from Saint Tropez will use a special chart to determine the most suitable one for you. Mainly, the lenght of the kiteboards vary between 120 to 160 cm.

Man kitesurfing

Man kitesurfing

Kitesurfing equipment for rent in Saint Tropez

Because Saint Tropez is a tourist resort, there are many rental places for kite and kiteboards. Also, you can find tutors to help you learn the basic skills of kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is not a hard sport. Even if it seems hard to learn, you just need to have courage and let yourself fly with the wind!

There are many places where you can have a training course, and also rent the necessary equipment. Every instructor will have a maximum numer of 4 students, to ensure a quality lesson with focus on each student. The spoken language is english and french, so it is easy to communicate with people from anywhere around the world.

There is a kitesurfing school named La Moune. La Moune is a watersports school center in Saint Tropez, and it offers lessons for people of any age or skill level. Besides kitesurfing, they teach other watersports too, like sailing and kayaking.

Timetable: everyday between 09:00 AM and 07:00 PM

Another kitesurfing school is the „Kitesurfing School Saint-Tropez”, which has a 5/5 star review on google. You can find this school on their official webpage or on Facebook. The exact location on Google Maps:

  • Location: Chemin de l'Estagnet, 83990 Saint-Tropez
  • Timetable:
    10:00 AM – 18:30 PM (Monday to Sunday *)
    14:00 PM – 18:30 PM ( * Wednesday)

The Kitesurfing school has offers for different packages of courses, but beside the courses and renting equipment, they sell any accesories and equipment needed for watersports. For example, right now they have a 25% off deal for the package of one lesson with everything included.

  Price / session Price for family / 1 week
Lesson for beginners 150 € 4200 €
Perfectioning lesson 150 € 4200 €
Kite simulator 120 € 3360 €

*family – 2 adults and 2 children

The lessons are available for any children older than 10. All the courses last 3 hours, and you can select from their website the day and the specific time slot when you are available.

Kitesurfer rides kite

Kitesurfer rides kite

Have an unforgettable experience!

Kitesurfing can be an unforgettable experience for adults and also for children. Watching your children kitesurf can be scary, but you must know that they are in good hands with their tutors.

Most of the people who have never tried this sport will be able to kitesurf by themselves after 3 or 4 lessons. Once you learn how to kitesurf, the adrenaline and the sensations that you get are absolutely amazing and you won’t regret an experience like this.

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