Scuba diving in Greece

Summary: Scuba diving is the activity that lets you explore the marine life and the hidden beauty of the underwater universe. There are a lot of popular places where you can scuba dive, and one of them is Greece. There are plenty of spots for scuba diving in Greece where you can choose from, and each one of them will give you an unique experience.

Scuba diving in Greece

Greece – a dream place

Greece has evolved in the last years as a turistic attraction, and today, more and more people seek vacations there. Scuba diving in Greece is a great activity for children and adults. Through scuba diving you can see the beauty of the marina or things that look frozen in time. A few unforgettable scuba diving spots are:

  • HMHS Britannic - is found in Kea Channel, near the Kea islands and it is a hospital ship that has sunk in the ocean on 21 of November 1916. This ship is the largest one that has ever sunk, and it was manufactured by the same company that made the Titanic. However, scuba diving here is recommended only for advanced scuba divers, and you will need a special permit from the Greece government in order to visit it.
Scuba diver next to wreck

Scuba diver next to wreck
  • Skinaria, Crete – is another scuba diving place, and this one is suitable for beginners, but for advanced scuba divers too. Here you can see a variety of fishes, octopuses and moray eels. It is a place where you can truly explore nature’s beauty.
  • Marathonisi, Zakynthos – is also called the „ Turtle Island ” and it is a nesting place for loggerhead sea turtles. When scuba diving here, you will be able to see them swimming around you. Beside turtles, you can find other amazing creatures too, like octopuses, eels, parrotfishes and flying fishes.

Scuba diving equipment rental

Owning a scuba diving equipment can be really expensive, and the cost of buying a complete equipment is around 800 to 1000 €. Because of that, it is preferable to rent your equipment.

Atlantis scuba diving center is located in Nikiti, and it is a member of „ PADI ”, which is one World’s biggest diving organisation. Their diving center offers equipment rental and also training with professional divers.

  • Location: Nikiti 630 88, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece
  • Timetable: everyday between 09:00 AM – 19:30 PM
  • Contact: +30 (699) 27 57 107, +359 (876) 853 173
1 dive / 1 day 45 €
2 dives /1 day 65 €
6 dives / 3 days 175 €
10 dives / 5 days 260 €
1 night dive 50 €
1 day trip 115 €

The prices include guided diving and the necessary equipment. The night dive will give you an unique experience, so it’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. The 1 day trip includes 2 guided scuba dives, coffee, BBQ, drinks and a lot of fun!

They also offer discounts for groups. For a 2-4 persons group, you will get 5% off, and for a family of 2-4 persons you will get 10 off.

Scuba diving couple under water

Scuba diving couple under water

Another great place is the Aqualized Diving Center. They offer rental equipment, diving courses and underwater photography. A scuba diving session lasts 45 minutes at a depth of 4-5 meters underwater. After finishing the scuba diving session, you can delight yourself with a refreshing drink at their bar situated right on the shore.

Private diving (only 1 person) 75 €
Group of 2 60 €
Group of more than 4 50 €

If you are an adventure lover, you should know that they also offer other kinds of dives and services too, like night diving, deep diving and advanced adventurer. Feel free to check out their website for further information.

Dive2gether from Crete also offers assisted diving with a full equipment. Scuba diving in Crete is a very good option. Here you can benefit from diving all year around, because the lowest temperature of the water being 15 Celsius degrees in the winter.

Couple with  Scuba diving  equipment

Couple with Scuba diving equipment

If you choose to have an adventure with Dive2gether, besides learning how to dive and exploring the sea, you will learn about the beauty of marine biology. Twice a week, they organize special educational dives, where they teach you about the underwater world.

  • Location: Plakias, 74060 Rethymo, Crete Greece
  • Timetable: everyday between 09:00 AM – 17:00 PM ( from April to November )
  • Contact: +30 28320 32313 ; +30 28320 32151

You can find their center in Crete in the summer, but when the winter season comes, they have a winter adress in the Netherlands. They also organize bootcamps and holidays. The bootcamps are a good opportunity to learn and perfect your diving skills, but also to educate yourself about the marine world.

Services PRICE / PERSON (with full equipment)
2 dives / day 75 €
6 dives / 3 days 60 €
10 dives / 5 days 50 €

You can also add different features to your simple package, like:

  • Night dive – additional surcharge of 14 € / dive (includes snacks and drinks after diving)
  • Marine biology research diving – additional surcharge of 45 € / day (includes special items)
  • Boat dive – additional surcharge of 22 € / day (includes drinks and lunch on board)
  • Boat passenger – additional surcharge of 27 € / day (also includes drinks and lunch on board).
Jellyfish in the sea Greece

Jellyfish in the sea of Greece

Tips and tricks for an enjoyable scuba diving session

Scuba diving is not the easiest activity, especially for beginners, but after getting the hang of it, we guarantee you that it will become a fun and enjoyable activity. In order to have a good experience even from the beginning, we prepared a top 5 tips and tricks which will help you.

  1. Always choose a certified school or rental place, like the ones mentioned in our article. This way you will know that you are safe.
  2. Don't hold your breath. Try to breathe slow and deep with the same frequency.
  3. Before diving in, double check your equipment.
  4. Avoid touching things without your instructors consent. The underwater world is beautiful, but also dangerous sometimes. You can cut yourself in sharp corals, touch by accident poisonous plants or marine creatures, so it is for your own safety to touch nothing without permission.
  5. Make sure that your physical and health condition allows you to dive. There are many health conditions that could put your life in danger when diving, so make sure to talk to your doctor beforehand.

Plan your adventure now!

Scuba diving in Greece will offer you a great experience, anywhere you go. In almost any scuba dive spot you will find unique things to see and discover. Besides scuba diving, you should explore other things like the greek gastronomy or culture.

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